The online application/platform where people and companies exchange information using videos. The webapp is built both for job seekers and company so they can get a better understanding of eachother before meeting for an interview. My task was developing the website using Angular, and Laravel for the back-end.


Inspired from the name of an African city where citizens have been involved in re-building their city after a natural disaster, Quritiba is an innovation platform where people can gather, discuss their ideas, and work together on them. My task was developing the concept and designing the user interface for a mobile application.


Before the official launch, EADP required a new website targeting the public audience. A new template has been implemented and the content has been restructured and simplified, aiming to communicate a clear idea of the organization, the emergency plan, and the prototype.


Emergency Asteroid Defence Project (EADP) is an non-governmental organization based in Denmark that has taken the great responsibility of building and implementing an emergency plan to protect earth against the threat of asteroids. My tasks were designing the website an emblem, and developing the website on WordPress.